The Beginning of Forever

The Beginning of Forever Ring

We met at one of my favourite client’s bridal shower in Sydney. I still remember the day, a beautiful and luxurious high tea at the Langham hotel to celebrate with bang! I was blessed to sit next to this gorgeous girl. Her bubbly and warm personality, with the most gentle demeanor made her even more attractive.FullSizeRender(9)


Sometimes you meet a special person and they leave quite lasting impressions and you just hit it off. And a friendships grows, distance doesn’t matter. We feel happy to even have crossed paths. Roxane is special, and on the same day I was fortunate to also meet Paul, her beau for whom she left Paris to be with in Sydney when he came for work commitments.


Learning about their seven year journey of blossoming love and faith at our meeting, I felt a a true love’s match so powerful, I was amazed to see it. I do see love lots, having been blessed with the job to design and help clients with their engagement rings. The joy received from seeing love everyday keeps me going and sharing a good dose of a couple’s happiest moments of their lives is priceless. Sometimes I wish I could bottle that emotion, that glimpse when we see a union, the pure joy and love two wonderful people share. I reckon it’s worth a fortune, if money can buy it.IMG_9097

Paul spoke few words but sure was taking it in when Roxane excitedly showed him my folio of works I had with me. The next time we met again was at the wedding of Ben & Lina. Secretly while Roxane was having a ball on the dance floor, Paul crept over to our table and told me he intended to propose to Roxane and would like me to create their dream ring. I nearly died (with thrill and excitement) but kept myself together for I know how long and what these love birds have been through. Roxane would only be so lucky! So there it began from January, it was months of preparation, designing on the drawing board, going back and forth on the look of the jewel to befit an amazingly talented designer herself (fashion, swimwear and footwear designer! No pressure there 🙂

FullSizeRender(1)During the days and weeks that followed, I carried a sketch book everywhere, drawing religiously whenever inspiration hit me (while feeding the kids lunch, even stopping the car once, pulling to the curbside, excitedly working on a sketch as soon as an idea crossed my mind).

The brief was to match a beautiful pearl necklace that Paul had gifted Roxane. It has a sweep and curve hugging the pearl. We liked the organic and beautiful flow of the lines. We also knew Roxane loved the soft warm hues of the rose gold and beautiful artdeco/ vintage engravings, which we added to make this truly a one-of-a-kind spectacular engagement ring.FullSizeRender(2)

I wanted a 3 dimensional ring, a discovery ring, that offers beauty to the eye from every angle. And when I found a light pink diamond (and also flawless in clarity to add) by complete chance while handpicking diamonds from my best diamond cutters, I nearly fell off my chair (really literally) and knew in that moment, that was the diamond for Roxane. Magical things happen and we only need to open our eyes and heart and receive the blessings from above for every corner we turn.


The ring was completed in March and Paul had already prepared the most beautiful message he wanted me to have engraved around the inside of the ring.


“This is the beginning of forever…”



That beginning took months (and I believe lots of planning) before Paul finally popped the question to Roxane in July (the longest time I ever had to keep a secret from a girlfriend, who generously comments on every jewel I put up in my facebook and insta gallery). Totally a proposal worth waiting for by the looks of this picture that paints a thousand words.


… Riding horses hand in hand into the sunset on a Californian summers day…

Congratulations Roxane and Paul and cheers to your engagement and wedding to come! I can’t wait to see you two again…

Forever friends



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