Diamonds by Faith:
Your Story Begins

The uniqueness of your one
and only, the radiance of true love,
and the promise of an eternity

A collection of timeless engagement rings which sparkle with passion and brilliance.

Crafted with astute workmanship and Faith’s signature attention to detail, no stone is left unturned in setting the perfect


We treat every customer with utmost respect for their taste and style, and build long-time relationships with many of them. This has allowed us to be a prt of so many happy weddings as guests. This is special to Faith who is blessed to join her clients on such an important day.

Indulge in some of Faith Jewels’ most memorable weddings, from France to Sydney visa Hong Kong and Singapore, not one wedding ressembled another - because every love story is unique.

The Beginning Of Forever Starts With Faith

No two rings are the same because everyone is unique - YOU are unique. Whether you have an idea in mind or would like us to take your hand on your ring crafting adventure, we know you will love your unique wedding jewellery all your happily-ever-after.