Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Anderson

Pictures speak a thousand words, and these photos from Cindy & Jesse’s wedding truly shares the joy and happiness of their union on their wedding day.

Big big shout out and thanks to Byron and Wendy from Byron Roe Photography for letting me share these amazing photos of Cindy & Jesse.

An extract from their Byron’s blog:

“I’ve known Jesse for over 8 years now (through my old job…the same where they met!) and have never seen him so happy!  Cindy and Jesse met at Smart Solutions when Jesse casually overheard Cindy’s love of M&Ms and secretly placed some on her desk soon after!

Quite a nice ice breaker 🙂  These two have learned, grown and loved one another over the years and when Jesse made the big leap to San Francisco, Cindy was quick to join!  Their wedding was a collection of close friends and family (some all the way from Singapore!), with intimate and funny moments throughout the day.  Things I took away from their day?  Cindy laughs at everyones jokes, the shoe game was HILARIOUS, and Smart Solutions has had some pretty cool peeps through their doors! “

I was really moved by this short and sweet summary through the eyes of the photographer. Looking at the photos taken, every angle, every detail comes full circle to tell a beautiful love story.

I’ve known Cindy for over 30 years now. My best memory is us walking home hand in hand from nursery or kindergarten. Our homes were barely minutes from each other and despite never being in the same school again till we were 16, our bond from the early years still held a special place in our hearts. We had best friends and close family pass in our time and I will never forget the love and support Cindy gave to me at my lowest moments. A friend true and true, with fate we reunited again in Melbourne few years later and kept the friendship despite distance.

Life pulls and tugs us in waves and directions we never can see. I was truly honoured and surprised when Cindy asked me to redesign her ring and later create jewels for sister-in-law and design Jesse’s wedding band. The trust she put in me to deliver her dream rings despite being oceans apart, is the biggest compliment ever. Through the eyes of the photographer, and these amazing moments captured, indeed I too have never seen Cindy so happy, Jesse & Cindy may all the blessings & love of the world be with both of you forever…



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