The Blue Diamond’s Allure

The allure of coloured diamonds can never be underestimated. Ever seen a fancy deep-blue diamond at over a 5 carat size? Find out its worth!

I often meet clients who ask me about sapphires, rubies, emeralds, coloured diamonds and their worth. Indeed an engagement or a gemstone purchase can be viewed as also an investment for the future. The war times in the 20s and 40s where we may have heard our grandparents and parents knowing someone, who may have sold their precious stones to start a new life still ring in our ears.

The beauty of a coloured diamond lies inexplicably in the rareness and the wonder of its creation.
A gift from nature, a freak of nature that colour is introduced to its lattice structure of pure carbon chemical bonds… The pink diamond and today, let me give you a peek of the Blue diamond.

An extremely rare 5.30ct, fancy deep-blue diamond sold for £6.2 million ($9.5million or $1.8million per carat) to Graff the eponymous name in the jewellery trade, at the Bonhams London auction house.
Auctions are absolutely thrilling and even more so when less than 1% of the world’s coloured diamonds, pink, purple or blue are worthy of even making it to the market in the obvious sizes as side diamonds from 0.01ct (barely 1mm in physical diameter measurements) to less than a 1.00carat finished diamond.

It is no surprise that the auction house stated that bidding on this gemstone came from around the world through 25 telephone lines as well as from those in the packed sales room. A stone with no comparable ‘value’ attached to is set to make history.

The Trombino Ring – Blue Diamond


The cushion-shape blue diamond is set horizontally with a mount pave-set with brilliant-cut diamonds and some beautifully placed baguette-cut diamonds in a Trombino ring made by Bulgari,  circa 1965. The ring went to bid with a high presale estimate of $2.3 million.

“We are delighted with the price it has made,” said Jean Ghika, Director of the Bonhams Jewellery Department for the UK and Europe, after the auction. “It was a sensational stone which charmed everyone who viewed it prior to the sale. Blue diamonds, especially those over 5.00 carats, are extremely rare to see on the market and continue to be highly sought-after. We are honoured to have handled the sale of such a unique gem.”

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