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There are moments during an artist’s journey that peak in a single artifact as the expression of their creative endeavours and energies at a particular point. This is indeed the voyage that after a long year, from design conception to final delivery to its proud owner, is the FJ Wave Ring.

Created for a client who, like FAITH JEWELS Creative Director, Faith Hilda, is passionate about design and art, the 'FJ Wave'; as this ring is affectionately monikered now, is a joint journey that truly brought to life an idea co-conceived by designer and intended owner to create a one-off jewel not only to be worn but also loved, cherished and admired. Our client, a Sydneysider, wished for a ring that celebrated her love of our vast Australian oceans sparkling under sunlit blue skies. This greatly resonated with our Creative Director, whose sporting predilection include yacht racing and ocean-swimming. 

The obvious answer was to create a blue jewel, leading to lengthy researching of paintings, photography and sculptures that depicted oceans and water. The rediscovery of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai, an iconic piece of Japanese art, which influenced fine arts in Europe in the late 1800s, formed the original inspiration.

Further to this, our ocean loving Creative Director has been a longtime fan of the work of artist Ray Collins, whose photographic works have a brilliant and mesmerising ability of capturing light and water. Our ‘FJ Wave’ ring is a masterful and modern example of this inspiration coupled with technical and design mastery. After months of design sketches, refining gem placements, multiple hand carved wax models and curating the perfect materials, the FJ Wave ring finally started to take shape, transforming from an idea into a reality.

"I sought to rock the tranquility boat with complex new techniques and materials. I feel blessed to have been able to express my artistry and technical knowledge into creating this jewel." - FAITH HILDA

Utilising a handpicked richly hued asscher-cut, 4 carat Santa Maria blue Aquamarine, sky blue and white diamonds, as well as an array of blue sapphires, Faith artfully arranged the precious gemstones to make the ocean come to life. The water is depicted with 459 blue diamonds, 465 white diamonds and 10 royal blue sapphires.  The sea foam is represented by the gemstones juxtaposed against the plane of blue titanium to symbolise the changing ocean colours, creating a visual journey towards the central aquamarine, as the eye of the wave. 

The FJ Wave Ring is a statement ring with the delicacy of workmanship, intricacy of gemstones and materials coupled with the incredible graduating colour palette that lends a lightness to the design rendering the jewel as artistic and sculptural, rather than ostentatious. “I hope to always create something completely unique with my work,” says Faith Hilda. “With the FJ Wave Ring, I sought to rock the tranquility boat with complex new techniques and materials. I feel blessed to have been able to express my artistry and technical knowledge into creating this jewel, which has brought so much joy to my client and myself. The FJ Wave to date is my ‘magnus opus’ and I feel privileged to have created it.”




Inspired by tectonic plates, volcanoes and lava, the Volcano Ring features grey and white diamonds, orange sapphires, and an untreated oval Burmese ruby. Set in grey titanium, with a surprise "en tremblant" feature.



The Cloud Ring embodies ethereal cloudscapes with a rare lilac pink sapphire and hand-carved mother of pearl tablets for luminosity. Diamond-frosted edges represent life's "silver linings".



Featuring an exquisite indigo sapphire the Wind Ring showcases a pin-wheel design with moveable petals, reflecting a vibrant journey exploring the beauty of colour and rare gemstones.




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